Is there scientific research on homeopathy?

An increasing number of scientific studies on homeopathy are being conducted. More than 150 of these studies have been published in medical journals. There are many sites and companies that are conducting clinical research to provide evidence of the efficacy of homeopathic medicines, and basic laboratory research is confirming the biological activity of highly diluted substances and helping the scientific community better understand their mechanism of action.


The label on the remedy vial lists a symptom that is not indicated for my symptoms, why?

One remedy may be useful for many different conditions. Only one common indication for each medicine is listed on the label, due to space restrictions.


Can homeopathic medicines be taken in conjunction with other medications or allopathic treatments?

Homeopathic medicines have no known side effects and are completely safe above a 12C (24X) potency, as they are highly dilute. They can be safely taken with any other medicine and treatment without any contraindications.


Are homeopathic remedies safe to give to breastfeeding infants, babies and children of all ages?

Homeopathic medicines can be given to children and infants without risk, as they medicines prepared from highly diluted substances. The dosage is generally the same for adults and children since the activity of homeopathic medicines is not body-mass dependent. Homeopathic medicines may be dissolved in water for easier administration to small children.


Are homeopathic remedies safe to use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding?

As with children and infants, the homeopathic remedies are completely safe for a pregnant or breastfeeding mother to use, as long as the potency is above a 12C (24X), where none of the original substance can be found.


What if I choose the wrong homeopathic remedy?

Fortunately, because homeopathic remedies are energetic remedies, derived from highly diluted substances, if the remedy does not match the symptoms there will be absolutely no adverse reaction, contraindication or side effect.


Do animals benefit from homeopathic medicines?

Animals most definitely benefit from homeopathic medicines. Veterinarians, breeders, trainers and animal lovers have successfully been using the remedies for a multitude of complaints for over 150 years.


There is lactose and sucrose in the homeopathic pellets, how much sugar and lactose is in homeopathic medicines, and is it safe for a diabetic or lactose intolerant person to use?

We have found that the amount of sugar and lactose is so minute, that someone who has diabetes or an intolerance to lactose will usually not have difficulty with the remedies. Pellets contain sugar and lactose (milk sugar). 5 pellets taken 4 times a day (20 pellets) contain 1 gram of sugar (or 1/5 of a teaspoon). One unit-dose contains 1 gram of sugar (or 1/5 of a teaspoon).



Can the Bach Flower Essences be used for physical issues as well as mental/emotional/spiritual?

There is a mind/body connection and when there is an imbalance in the mental/emotional/spiritual arenas many physical imbalances may also occur. When you work to balance the mental/emotional/spiritual levels, the body often follows. An example is someone feeling irritable, impatient, and highly stressed that is also suffering with stomach indigestion, headaches or sleeplessness. Once the mental and emotional symptoms lessen, their peaceful mind creates a peaceful and relaxed body.


The flower essences contain alcohol, what if I do not want to use anything that contains it?

The flower essences are preserved with brandy, so that the essence will not get contaminated. There are a couple options, one is to topically apply a couple drops of the essence on your skin. Another, is to put a couple drops of the essence into a boiling drink and the alcohol will evaporate, while the essence remains in the drink (like cooking with wine).


How do I choose the appropriate essences?

In the LHN Bach Flower Essence Level 1 class, we teach you what is called symptom/ definition correlation, explaining how to match the symptoms to the negative imbalanced state of the particular essence. You can also use a questionnaire or consult with a certified practitioner who can help evaluate your symptoms and choose the appropriate essences for your situation. Another popular technique is to go by intuition.


How many can essences can I take at once?

In general we recommend taking 7 or less essences at a time, in a mixture bottle. It is very individualized, and more can certainly be used. Remember, brilliant results can also be experienced from using just 1 essence at a time.


What if I take the wrong essence?

Nothing, if the essence does not match your symptom picture, it will not have an effect. They are energetic medicines that are highly dilute and so no side effects or contraindications will occur.


Can flower essences be taken with homeopathic remedies or western medicines and treatments?

Most definitely! Because both are highly diluted substances made from the blooms of plants, they can be taken with any other form of medicine without causing contraindications or side effects, and will often complement the treatments.


Are essences safe to give to infants and children?

Yes. If there is any concern about the alcohol in the essences, you can dilute the essence in any drink or topically apply a couple drops to skin.


Can I give essences to my pets?

Yes. Veterinarians, breeders, trainers and animal lovers have successfully been using the essences for a multitude of issues with great success!



What kind of commitment do I need to make to learn about homeopathy?

LHN seminars are user-friendly and self-paced. Your interest in homeopathy can naturally expand, as you make successful remedy choice and experience it’s value.


Will I be able to choose the appropriate remedies for myself and family?

You will be able to choose appropriate remedies by using our Remedy Reference Guides or taking a three hour, introductory class..


Is there homeopathic licensure in the USA?

Certification and Licensure are completely different in Homeopathy. Various states have passed different legislation regarding practice on alternative medicine. However unlike many other healing disciplines, (such as acupuncture, chiropractic and massage), there is no national or federal regulating body in homeopathy and therefore, no licensure. Each different school or certification organization issues their own diploma or certificate to certify the completion of educational requirements.