About Our Programs

We know our teaching methods work.

What began for so many students as an innocent curiosity in homeopathy for simple home care, developed into full certification and a successful, new career in homeopathy. There is not another homeopathic training like Learn Homeopathy Now. We offer programs for every level of interest and every kind of student. Our programs are designed so that your study of homeopathy will follow a natural progression that is fueled by direct experience and success with the remedies from your very first class. Find your program, get out your highlighter, and enter the world of Homeopathy.

4 Different Programs. Choose the Program that's Right for You.


Exploring the possibility Homeopathy offers as a solution to particular health issues or chronic problems?

  • Heard about Homeopathy and would like to learn more?

  • Are you ready to find simple solutions, without side effects, for everyday complaints?

  • Want to explore Homeopathy without committing to an extensive and expensive program?

Get Started in Homeopathy


Want to learn home care using homeopathy for first aid and the most commonly experienced symptoms?

  • Frustrated with the side effects and toxicity of medications?

  • Tired of repeating prescriptions of medications and only suppressing symptoms?

  • Prefer a more natural approach to your family‚Äôs healthcare needs?

Handle Home Care with Homeopathy


Are you ready to learn an additional healing method that will absolutely increase your success with clients?

  • Find a complementary healing method that will enhance your current skills.

  • Learn to address the emotional and mental realms of healing, as well as physical symptoms.

  • Take your practice to new heights of competency.

Expand Your Practice with Homeopathy


Are you looking for a new career path or ready to expand into new career opportunities?

  • Find fulfillment in the growing industry of holistic health.

  • Let new found knowledge and ability lead you naturally and at your own pace, into a new career.

  • Learn a healing modality that has unlimited applications for creative business opportunities.

Find Freedom with a career in Homeopathy