In our Bach Flower Essence Level 1 class, you'll learn the incredibly natural and simple remedies discovered by Dr. Edward Bach. Gain an in-depth understanding of the significance of the 38 flower essences (plus one combination essence) that are prepared from the blooms of plants, bushes and trees. Each flower corresponds to a specific mental and emotional state. They act as a catalyst, reconnecting the specific, blocked contact to what needs to be flowing again. They work on the emotional states that need balancing. They work to transform negative emotions into positive ones.

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What are Bach Flower Essences?

Bach Flower Essences were discovered in the 1920's and 1930's by Dr. Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist.

Dr. Bach believed that when ones personality characteristics were treated rather than the physical symptoms of disease, true healing occurred. He dedicated his life to the discovery of a system of healing that would transcend physical symptoms and address the mental and emotional roots of disease. Mental and emotional imbalances can create undesirable conditions and by taking the appropriate flower essence, one can restore balance gently and subtly on an emotional and physical level. By restoring balance to mind, spirit and emotions, ones body and being as a whole can regain strength.


Dr. Bach stated, "The actions of certain flowers, shrubs, and trees that grow in the wild raise our vibrations and open our channels for the reception of the Spiritual Self to flood our natures with the particular virtue we need, and wash out from us the fault that is causing the harm. They are able, like beautiful music or any glorious uplifting thing that gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures to bring us nearer to our Souls, and by that very act bring us peace and relieve our sufferings. They cure not by attacking the disease, but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our higher nature, in the presence of which disease melts away as snow in the sunshine. There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness."

A Familiar Essence

Five Flower Formula™, aka Rescue® Remedy

The Five Flower Formula™ is a combination of five English flower essences first developed by Dr. Edward Bach, promoting calm and balance in diverse situations of stress, emergency, and trauma.

Praised throughout the world by health practitioners and the lay persons, the formula of five different flower essences — Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose, and Star of Bethlehem — has come to be regarded as a "rescue" combination for its remarkable ability to address crisis conditions.

Learn more about the combination of five flowers and other flower essences in our Bach flower and homeopathy programs. Which program is right for you?